Personally Charmed Custom Photo Jewelry

...Preserve your precious memories with our heirloom quality hand made custom photo jewelry.

Wholesale Policy for Professional Photographers and Retail Stores


Personally Charmed offers the Charmed, by Heather line of custom photo jewelry wholesale to boutiques and professional photographers at discounts of up to 50% off.  Please read our terms below and email for a copy of our wholesale catalog.

Professionals in Texas who wish to resale our jewelry must submit a copy of a valid tax id permit unless they wish to pay sales tax.  Out of state sales are already exempt from sales tax when purchasing online.

Our minimum order is $200.  Some items may be purchased in quantities of 1 while others have minimum quantities.  You can see the minimum requirements in our catalog under each item in the box marked “Quantity.”  We base these minimums on our own suppliers and the amounts we purchase from them.  Some bezels and pendant trays are harder to get our hands on than others, some are made in house, and some sell out so quickly we have to require minimums.

We require that our wholesale clients purchase minimum orders so that we can guarantee your items will be in stock when your clients purchase from you and you are ready to customize your items.  Once you place your order, we lock your inventory away with your name on it and it will not be used until you send us your photographs for customizing.  This guarantees that you will never have to tell a client an item is on backorder.  Once you place your order with us, your items are available and will not be used or sold to anyone else.  This helps both of us provide excellent customer service!  We do ask that you use your stock in a timely fashion.  We reserve the right to cancel orders on stock that is not used within one year of the purchase date.  Canceled orders will be refunded the entire cost of the unused stock minus a 20% restocking fee. 

Wholesale orders can be placed via email to  Payments are accepted via check, moneyorder, or PayPal.  A $5 service fee is added if you choose to use PayPal.  We do not begin customization of your order until payment has cleared. Payment is expected at the time of your order.  Large orders of an ongoing basis from clients who’ve established a relationship with us may be eligible for Net 30 terms at our discretion.  Please contact us if you feel that this option would better serve you and you've already established a relationship with us.

To get you started, we offer samples at 25% off and a copy of the catalog.  You may order as many samples as you like to show your clients.

If you are not ready to take the wholesale plunge but would like a sample or just want to order one or two pieces at a time, please email for a coupon code to order a sample from the available inventory in our Etsy shop.  We can only guarantee stock that is currently listed in the Etsy shop if you choose to use this method.

Shipping is paid by the buyer and is calculated at the time of the order.  After you email us your order, we will send you an invoice.  You may make changes to your order before submitting payment.  Orders are not considered final, and stock is not delegated to you until your payment is received.

Our product guarantees are in effect for all of our wholesale clients.  If at anytime you are unhappy with a product you receive from us.  Please contact .  Variations in printing are to be expected.

We reserve the right to alter this policy at any time.  New products are added throughout the year, you may email us at any time to request a new catalog.  Prices will be based on the most current version of the catalog.  Sign up as a member of Personally Charmed to receive our newsletter and latest catalogs.

If you would like a catalog without prices to show your customers the available products, please email us or simply add it to your first order; it’s free when you place an order with us.