Personally Charmed Custom Photo Jewelry

...Preserve your precious memories with our heirloom quality hand made custom photo jewelry.

Care and Warranty

To protect the longevity of your products:

  *do not keep them stored in a steamy bathroom

  *avoid exposure to moisture including water and sweat

  *store them neatly in a jewelry box, hang necklaces rather than tossing them in a         drawer where chains can kink and they can get tangled and hung up on other items

  * clean your silver and silver plated items with a tablespoon of baking soda mixed with just enough water to make a paste.  Polish with a damp cloth, rinse, and dry thoroughly.  This will remove tarnish and light scratches.

 All of our products are warrantied for 1 year from the purchase date.  If something breaks, email us to verify your original purchase.  Send the product back; we will fix it or remake it and send it back to you for free.  Your only cost is in shipping it back to us which through USPS is probably less than $2.  We cannot fix items that have been improperly cared for or that have water damage due to negligent care.

Business Hours

Our studio is in production Monday-Friday from 9am-4:30pm.  We do not ship on weekends and holidays; however, we try to check our email at least twice during the weekends and holidays.  Our shop is closed from Dec. 18th through Jan. 4th; we do however check our email and accept orders during this time, we just don't process the orders until the 4th.

Please allow 5-7 days plus shipping for your custom order. All other orders are shipped within 2 business days.During the holiday season, custom orders may take longer.


Although we do our best to provide a high quality product, a detailed description, and accurate photos, we understand that shopping online is not always easy; your satisfaction is important to us. Our handmade one of a kind jewelry can be returned within 7 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied. You will receive a full refund minus the cost of shipping. To receive a refund, please contact us with the reason for your return and let us know that you are sending it back.  We will issue a PayPal refund when the item is received.

Because of the personalized nature of photo jewelry, we cannot accept returns on custom photo jewelry so be sure you are happy with the design and photograph you have chosen. If for some reason the photo you send us will not work in the design you have chosen, we will let you know and advise you on a better fitting design or request a different photograph.  If the quality of the image you send us is substandard, we will do our best to digitally alter and enhance your photograph but we can not be responsible for grainy prints on file sizes under 500kb.  If you are unsure about your photograph, feel free to email it to us and we will let you know if it will work.

Wholesale, Professional Photographers, Retail Stores

We do offer our products at discounted prices.  You must have a resale certificate and a tax I.d. number to qualify.  Minimum orders per year do apply in order to receive the discount.  Personally Charmed handles these orders as Etsy is not set up for wholesale orders.  Please email us at for more details.

We also offer special perks for photographers and their clients such as publicity on our website, coupon codes for your clients to use in our Etsy shop, samples, and more.

PR, Give Aways, Reviews, and Interviews

If you are a blog author and are interested in featuring one or more of our products please email  We do offer samples for review and giveaways to blogs and Facebook fan pages that have more than 1000 followers or proven traffic. We can not participate in giveaways and reviews between Dec. 1 and Jan. 15th and two weeks prior to Mother's Day (simply because we are working our pants off during this time of year).


We ship jewelry that is already made within 48 hours of your order except on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Custom photo jewelry takes 5-10 days to make once your picture is received based on the type of jewelry you ordered and the number of orders we are processing.

You will receive an email when your item ships.  

We can ship worldwide, please contact us for more information regarding international shipping. 

Most shipping is USPS First Class Mail.  If you need expedited shipping please contact us and we will be happy to provide priority or express shipping at a flat rate fee.

All items are shipped to the address on your PayPal account; please check your PayPal address for accuracy before finalizing your order.  

We take great care in packaging our products. Items that are damaged in shipping are the responsibility of the shipping carrier.  Please contact the USPS to file a claim for damage. Shipping insurance can be purchased for your items, please contact us if you would like to add this option.



Photo Jewelry Tips

1. Your picture should be a high quality digital image.  If you are scanning it in, use 300 DPI.  If you have a digital copy already, the file should be at least 200kb. The more we have to crop, the bigger your file should be. Photos that need a lot of cropping, saved from a thumbnail from a website, taken with an older cell phone, etc. are probably not the best photos to use.

2. Check the faces in your picture for shadows.  If the face is shadowed, it will look dark on your pendant.

3. Blurry pictures make blurry pendants.

4. On glass tiles, close ups work better but keep in mind the shape in which it will be cropped. Oval jewelry looks better if the subject is not as close up.  This gives us more to work with when trying to get an oval shape for the photograph.  Our ovals are also magnifiers so the picture will look bigger, our glass tiles are not magnifiers.

5. Choose pictures with backgrounds that are simple rather than busy unless most of the background will be cropped out or it is relevant to the photo.

6. Dark pictures will make dark pendants, especially when changing from color to black and white/sepia.  Lighter pictures usually look best.  

7. Most cell phone pictures are not adequate.

8. The better your picture, the better your pendant.

9. We offer all kinds of digital enhancements from removing acne, scratches, stains, digital camera noise, etc. to enhancing photos with digital filters including black and white, sepia, saturated color, aged, worn, vintage looks, border, and more.  Just look through the gallery and let us know what you like.  We can send proofs with multiple examples.

Feel free to email us if you have questions.