Personally Charmed Custom Photo Jewelry

...Preserve your precious memories with our heirloom quality hand made custom photo jewelry.


The owner, Heather Brownlee, started out making glass tile pendants with generic graphics to present as Christmas gifts to her friends and family.    After making over 100 gift pendants, the technique was perfected and a good friend asked, "Can you put a photograph of my kids on one of these?" Charmed by Heather was born. 

Another round of personalized photo pendants was distributed as Mother's Day gifts in the Spring of 2009 and before we were even set up to take orders, they started pouring in.  To simplify the order process, an Etsy store was opened under the name, "Charmed by Heather" in August of that year.  Since then, our product line has expanded and is now being offered as boutique merchandise.  Beyond that, we spent numerous hours in research, development, and quality testing in an effort to offer our customers the finest photo jewelry available on the internet today.

Owners Bio

Heather Brownlee grew up in a small town in Texas, hoeing cotton, working at the Dairy Queen, and living a typical small town life. She moved to Denton, Texas in 1994 to attend college at the University of North Texas.  Heather completed her degree in the Arts and Humanities with a major in Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas.  After teaching English for several years, she and her husband started a family and Heather became a stay at home mom.  

Heather says, "Not being the kind of person who can sit still long, I began to get the creative itch.  That is when I discovered my passion for designing and creating jewelry.  Although I love teaching and hope to go back to it, I also love to create, inspire, and make the world more beautiful through art and nature.  My other hobbies include reading, writing, gardening, crafting, and traveling.  I also like to think that I'm kind of funny."

Heather is also almost completely deaf wearing top of the line digital hearing aids in both ears.  Because of the nature of her deafness she prefers to conduct all business via email or in person and considers telephones to be "a big damn annoying hassle."  For this reason (and the fact that she also hates telemarketers), you will not find a business phone number listed on our site.



Our photo pendant materials come in two varieties.  We offer a regular line of silver plated pieces that are purchased from outside suppliers.  Most of these pieces are handmade by one company.  We also offer a high end line of sterling silver jewelry that is completely hand fabricated in the Personally Charmed Studio using traditional metal smithing techniques.

Our photo jewelry is sealed with a two part non-toxic jeweler's grade resin making them water proof unlike many photo pendants on the market today that are sealed with water soluble glazes that tend to break down and yellow over time.

Research, Development, and Growth

Heather started out making pendants for friends as gifts.  When she started putting photographs on them, she realized she had accidentally created a business and had to start treating it that way.  She began an Etsy adventure but most of her sales were still from word of mouth.  After her first successful holiday season, she knew it was time to get serious so this website was born and Personally Charmed was officially launched.

She says, "When I first started making photo jewelry, I really had no idea what I was doing.  I spent several months and way too much money experimenting until I came up with a product and a technique that I was satisfied with.  Our pendants have been through numerous tests and redevelopment phases to make them the best available today."

We use high quality archival ink made for photo printing, a paper that holds ink better than any general photo paper, and several layers of sealants and resin to protect your image.  Our pendants are sealed on every side except the front which is glass.  We also add a second layer of protection to insure that our bails stay put.

We have spent hours researching and experimenting with different materials and production techniques to bring you a quality product that will last and we are constantly striving to improve our products and our customer satisfaction.We tried the glazed in the past and they just do not measure up to our standards.

Over time, the glass tile pendants were completely phased out resulting in a much higher end line of quality photo jewelry.  In the Spring of 2011, we began offering hand fabricated sterling silver and copper jewelry, designed and forged by owner, Heather Brownlee.

At Personally Charmed, we are always on the look out for the best suppliers and the newest techniques to make our products even better.  


Jewelry Parties and Shows

Our merchandise can be purchased online through this website and our Etsy shop but we also like to get out and meet people! If you would like to book a jewelry party or host a show please contact us at We offer free merchandise and incentives for our hosts.